The Wild Hare

Not only are we a Tattoo shop but we also sell crafts and clothing created by Independent brands. We also have workshops that take place in-store where you can make jewelry, candles and decorations.

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Quirk And Whimsey

Quirk and Whimsy is a local business creating ceramics and other crafts from a little blue shed. Items are available to buy in store.They also run craft workshops in store.

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Created by our apprentice (Kate) this is an Independent clothing brand and available to buy in store

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Mistletoe Melts

Created by Sarah, she creates handmade candle, decorated tins and bottles. Which are available to buy in store. Sarah also holds craft workshops in-store that you can pre-book via her facebook page.

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Louise Rose Couture

Made-to-order bridal and occasion dresses inspired by you, for you, and only you. Our signature designs are reminiscent of the 1950s

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Jenny Pond Artist

An acrylic artist specialising in vibrant & colourful wildlife paintings! I sell high quality animal art prints, paintings, greetings cards, stationery & gifts