Safe practice for clients 


•On entry to the studio hands must be sanitised along with phone 


•Masks must be worn on entry into the studio and at all times 


•Belongings must be left outside studio room in front of shop in a sealed box, phones can go into the room providing fully cleaned prior to entry


•Food and drink will not be permitted inside the studio rooms, if you need a drink exit the studio room via some hand sanitiser 


•Lunch must be brought with you if in for a day sitting and eaten outside we ask you do not make any trips to other premises during your time at the tattoo studio. 


•Each time you exit the room wipe your phone down if you’ve been using it


•Do not repeatedly touch your mask


•Mask must be a 3 layer with filter 


•Where possible card payments only/PayPal or Apple Pay 


•We ask if you feel unwell show any symptoms of covid 19 prior to you appointment even if you suspect it’s just a common cold that you contact us an move you appointment to minimise risk to your tattoo artist and other clients


•Failure to comply at all times with our requests will result in refusal to commence with tattoo (so behave yourselves) 


Safe practice for artists 


•As above for entry into the studio. Keeping belongings in a box outside of the studio room. Only essential items in the room.


•Visor/mask/gloves and apron must be worn at all times a client is present in the room and a mask at all times in the shop space 


•Apron/visor must be removed and left in room each time you exit 


•When each client is finished with visor must be cleaned and mask and apron must be sealed away into a box/sealable bag to safely be transported home to wash. (Advise a change of clothes to return home in to reduce possibility of contamination to vehicle) 


Studio safe practise


•All light switches/door handles and surfaces touched must be wiped with alcohol or surface wipes 


•Sink’s/kettle mop handle must be wiped after use


•Transfer sleeve/scissors/printer/autoclave and thermal imager must be wiped with alcohol


•All surfaces/ bottles chairs and couch including exterior of bin must be thoroughly cleaned including moving parts and frames between clients and at the end of the day


•Counter surfaces and pdq machine and screen must be wiped with alcohol 



We advise as a studio that all clinical waste will be disposed of through correct channels. 

We aim to minimise risks of covid and any other hazards to both you the client and us as practitioners of the studio by following guidance from government and use safe working practice at all times.

The Wild Hare